13 December 2013

Lewis turns one!

My oh my!  How did his first year go by so quickly?! My little man turned a year old a couple of weeks ago. We are so in love with our Lewis and love watching him learn and grow.
A few things about Lewis:
Hair color:  Blonde (and it's getting curly like his sister!)
Eye color: Blue
Favorite toys:  Usually whatever his sister is currently playing with, or anything with lots of buttons, lights, noise, and music (much to mommy and daddy's delight!)
Favorite foods:  Apples, noodles, blueberries, yogurt, digestives
Food he doesn't like: Bananas
Number of teeth:  Still only three!
Favorite book: That's Not my Puppy
Favorite activities:  Hiding under blankets, dancing, clapping hands, biting (teething) on anything he can fit his mouth around, having his teeth brushed, splashing in the bathtub with Tess, swinging at the park, climbing onto Tessa's bed to look out the window
Things that upset him:  Being strapped into a highchair, being away from his mommy, having to hold still long enough to have his nappy changed
Special skills:  Climbing up and down stairs, sliding off Mom & Dad's tall bed, giving open mouthed kisses, using a fork to eat (attempt to eat!)


Kailey said...

he is so adorable!! happy birthday to little Lewis. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little man. I have a great granddaughter that looks just like Tess.

Pamela Lynn said...

Oh how I miss all of you, I am so very thankful you post these pictures of my precious grandbabies :-D