12 November 2013

Our Trip to America

We've been quite busy the last couple of months, so this poor blog has been neglected.  We were in America (Utah and California) for all of September and into October.  Then I brought my lovely step-mom back with me to England and got to show her around for a couple of weeks.  

I love going home to America, obviously to spend time with my family and friends, but it was kind of weird being back after living for almost six years in the UK.  Living abroad has really changed me.  I kind of feel like I don't fit in anywhere anymore.  I will always proudly call myself an American, but  my opinions and views have changed on a lot of things. For example.....

Food in America is really salty - my taste buds aren't used to it anymore!  Roundabouts are so much more efficient then stop lights.  Walmart is totally overwhelming and way too big.  Target isn't the bee's knees that I remember it being.  There is definitely not enough recycling going on in America.  Does it sound like I'm bashing on my home country?  I'm really not, because guess what? America still has the best donuts and pastries, and of course Mexican food!  American Fork Canyon, Utah is the most beautiful place in the world.  Driving 10 hours from Utah to Southern California only costs $60 (Ugh, gas is like $10/gallon in the UK!)  Customer service in America is amazing and sales people are so super duper friendly (almost too friendly!)  And everything in America is cheap - shopping was never more fun!

Anyway, a few photos from our time in America (I didn't take many photos - shame on me!)

American Fork Canyon - see what I mean?  Most beautiful place on Earth!
Utah Lake
Tess celebrated her 3rd Birthday while we were in America
American Fork Canyon again

Play-dough time with Grandpa


tinajo said...

I go to America about once a year and always have LOTS of fun, shopping included of course. :-)

abigail louise said...

what a darling blog! such a beautiful family

Marisa said...

I love the new design of your blog :) When did it change? Looks just lovely! And it really must be odd coming back home. I remember when I lived in Charleston, SC and would come home to Seattle - even that felt odd despite being in the same country! And I have to tell you, where I live, roundabouts are really catching on here - they are all over the place and I think it is fantastic! But, not surprisingly, a lot of people are moaning about them. How awful they are and the like. But you know how averse some people are to change! In any case, nice to see you on your blog - I always enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing what you have to say :) Marisa

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments about the food. I have relatives in Virginia ( we live in Wales). Walmart, Target etc wow me for about a day - but then i really, really appreciate the fresh local food I get here. Daily bread, local sausages, chicken and preserves, the fruit and veg from our local farmers markets etc. I'm sure there must be equivalents locally to where they live in Virginia - but they shop in huge amounts for a week in huge supermarkets.m It's funny but after a week I really crave a fresh brown boiled egg with fresh bread ! Yum

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I'm going home in a few weeks and cannot wait! I plan to shop, shop and shop some more. I've already told all of my friends that I'm dying to have BBQ and Mexican! Beautiful pictures!