01 April 2013

Easter Weekend

I love Easter in England because it's always a four day weekend, since Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays.  We've kept ourselves busy with projects and a big DIY project.  Here's a peek....  (Warning, this blog post if pretty much only pictures of my two little ones!)

We had painting...

...and drawing

....and all around silliness!

Longing for warmer days so we can go outside to play

We pulled out the nasty living room carpet to expose the house's original floorboards.  Miles has been sanding all weekend getting the floors ready for a beautiful coat of varnish.

We colored Easter eggs

Eggs in England are brown, so the colors never turn out quite right.

We made our favorite banana cream pie

Hunted for Easter eggs in the garden (in the frozen garden!)

Tess got a new dress (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!)

Happy Easter dear friends & family!


tinajo said...

The floor will turn out wonderful I´m sure! Lovely pics all around. :-)

Bonnie Rose said...

Your easter sounded lovely! What a pretty Easter dress. Good luck in the wood floors, that sounds like that will be great! We are renting and I despise the carpets. Wood floors are easier to clean.

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

Melissa B. said...

Great pictures!

hula-la said...

What a great Easter/Family post! Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed all the "little" photos. I miss those days! Mine are all grown!

Happy Spring. Looks like we might have it after all here in the Northeast United States!

Aloha from Vicki...hope you'll stop by for a visit!

Oh Abigail said...

I've just had a lovely time looking round your blog, you take amazing pictures! Love your daughters dress too!