17 March 2013

Wellie Walk

Spring is taking her time coming to England.  It's been cold, windy, rainy, and today it even snowed.  Yesterday we embraced the dreadful weather and did as the British do and went on a muddy walk in our wellies.  Miles had Lewis in the baby carrier and Tess walked the whole way in her pink wellies.  We stomped through muddy puddles and wet marshy grass, played chase, and threw sticks in the River Thames.  It was refreshing to be out in the beautiful world with my dear little family, laughing and smiling.

By the way, did this place look familiar?  You might remember it from this blog post.  Looks a bit different in the summer!


tinajo said...

Looks like a lovely walk, such nice pics!

Bonnie Rose said...

Lovely walk and photos. We have been walking a lot in our wellies (I have pink ones too) here in Bath. I've never liked mud before, but love the country walks here in England.

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose