18 February 2013

Little Moments

This month has not been easy..... my sweet lovely step-grandmother passed away earlier this month, and yesterday my dearest grandpa passed away.  It's killing me that I'm not home in Utah with my family right now.  But since I can't be there, I'm cherishing sweet moments with my own little family, not wanting to take any of it for granted....

Watching the snow flurries fall
First haircut!
Just a trim though.... couldn't bear to cut off all those lovely curls
Eating chocolate hearts while waiting for Valentine's dinner
Sweet little profile
Bedtime stories with Daddy
My sunny [dirty] window
Snowdrops are growing in my garden (spring is coming!)
I've picked a few snowdrops for inside
Me and my girl practicing self portraits
Sparkly painted nails... "so butiful mommy!"
In the meantime, this guy is either crying......
.....or sleeping
I'm so blessed that I get to be the mommy to this little family that I love.


jamieb said...

Kris-such a wonderful post and a great reminder to cherish every day! Thank you!

Cropped Stories said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. It must be hard. Love your shots! I'm sure looking at these two cuties puts a smile on your face though :o) Love the sparkly nails. I just took a picture similar to this of my tot! She wanted pink! Can't wait to take her to get her nails done with me!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Such a sweet post - those curls are amazing!! So sorry to hear of your losses - it can be so hard being away from home. Nothing like a warm sunny day to help bring in some cheer. Take good care XOLaura

Marisa said...

Awe Kris . . . so sorry to hear about your grandparents. I was far away from home when my own grandpa died and I really relate to what you are going through. There is a real sense of isolation when away from your family at these times. But your are really fortunate to have your husband and kids to see you through :)

And so happy to see you back to blogging again. I look so forward to seeing more of your little corner of England. I really am such an Anglophile and seeing your pictures really transports me abroad. Thank you so much for sharing of yourself :)

MB said...

I know the ebb and flow of emotions that being homesick brings. Hold on! Sunnier days are indeed on the way! You are a smart girl not to place your better days somewhere off in the future. As Dave Matthews says, "The future's no place to place your better days." Love all those beautiful pics of your sweet little family:)