11 February 2013

Last week

I know I say this every winter, but January and February really are the worst months.  I don't like the cold dark days, so we don't venture out much during these months (I even have the groceries delivered!)  So we've been finding things to do around the house to keep Tess busy.  Here's how things looked at our house last week..... 

Pretend play: Hanging clothes on the line
Bandaged a broken pony leg
Dinner (and my attempt at a self portrait)
Unhappy baby after receiving his first set of immunizations
She loves to sing and "play" the piano
Best invention ever
She's good at remembering the words and reading stories to herself
Tray of water, dish soap, and a straw = hours of toddler fun! 
Watching her current favorite (and my favorite): The Little Mermaid


Kayli said...

Hanging clothes on the line= genius!! Such cute pictures. I also hate Jan/Feb.

kate said...

I want to come live with you. It looks like so much fun.

Sondra said...

Thanks for the pictures. I love to see your home and family. I miss you, baby!