14 September 2012

Tess Turns Two!

Oh Wow, Tess is two!  I probably went a bit crazy planning her birthday party, but it couldn't be helped!  I'm just wild about my little gal and wanted to make it a special day for her.  I know she is too young and probably won't remember much about her second birthday, so I've taken lots of photos to document it for her!

Presents from Mommy & Daddy
I was excited for Tess to open her presents, so I let her open them in the morning while
still in our jammies!
 We had an animal themed party for Tess and a few of her favorite friends.  (She loves animals of every shape and size and can say the names and noises of many animals.)

Hand-made party hats!
The kids decorated their own treat bags - which I made by stitching up the sides of craft paper with
my sewing machines
Miles made this amazing alligator pinata!
We invited some of Tessa's animal toys to the party, and made hats for them!
Tessa's friends brought their favorite stuffed animals to be judged in the
'best animal' competition
Taking out the alligator!
Mr Alligator was filled with sweet things
Everyone received their own animal masks
This pretty much sums up how Tess felt about putting on
a mask or a party hat!
But her friends sure looked cute in their party hats

We went on a wild animal hunt in the garden and found
all sorts of wild creatures!
Tessa's friends brought her prettily wrapped birthday presents

And of course there was cake!  Chocolate cake made by me!
(Can you tell it's an elephant?)
A bit unsure about the sparklers (especially after they set off the fire alarm!)
Had to throw this photo in just to prove that Miles was present!
Happy Birthday little Miss Tess! xo


Jenn Johnson said...

You know how to throw a party!!! Love the cake, and I could totally tell it was an elephant. :)

Caliowin said...

Happy birthday Tess! I adored the party hats, even if Tess wasn't keen. Very pretty and professional looking. The cake is impressive, I spotted the elephant. Great piping skills! Been learning to pipe myself, and so it's nice to see a clever piping idea to put an image on the cake.

Traci said...

such a cute fun party! loved all of ur ideas too! the cake looked awesome! totally knew it was a elephant too! so glad tess had a very happy birthday!! loves!

Iota said...

Happy Birthday Tess!

Hina said...

Happy birthday Tess and many mnay happy returns of the day. Kris, you look lovely and radiant. Pregnancy suits you well :)

A Solitary Nook said...

So happy to see a blog post! I've been missing your pics and thoughts. And happy birthday to Tess! :)

Sophi Belle said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!! :)

deanna said...

Can you design my next bday? Super adorable!!

Katrina said...

This looks like the perfect little party. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Your cake looks amazing! What a wonderful celebration :) Such an adorable family! XOL

P.S. I'm about to email you about the Blogger's Tea update, if you want to check your inbox :)

Blake + Amy said...

How adorable! Tess is the most darling two year old ever. Wish we could have been there!

Lisha said...

I know it's late but... Happy Birthday Tess!! We have a few September birthdays in our family too!! Tessa's animal birthday party looked lovely and so did the beautiful elephant cake!

ohabbyreally said...

Happy birthday to Tess! It looks likes a great party and the cake looks so lovely - and definitely like an elephant! x

crumpetsincamelot said...

Chiming in a bit late, but Happy Birthday to Tess! And what a beautiful party -- *love* the cake!

Katie Elaine said...

I know I'm totally late commenting, but I just saw the post. And it was totes worth the wait! What an adorable party!! So many creative ideas, and I can't believe you made that cake yourself. Miles did a great job on the pinata, too! Oh, how I wish I lived closer. Happy belated Tess!

willowday said...

I just saw this post and couldn't resist a note that I love the pinata, hats and cake! Adorable -- those touches are always half of the fun -- but it is easy to see that your birthday child was very happy! Sweet!

(The cornwall photos make me want to visit there. Just beautiful)

Kris said...
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Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Love your style, the hats are adorable and that alligator - (!) You can have such fun with designs for childrens rooms and parties. Minerva x

Hey, It's me...Jessica said...

How did I miss this post so long ago?! ITs absolutely adorable! And the alligator pinata is spectacular.

So glad to hear you're sweet family is well, though I do enjoy your updates on instagram as well.
Having more than 1 little one is always an adjustment. Pretty soon, it'll be hard to remember what it was like before they came into your life:) They are so beautiful.