10 February 2012

A Rural Devon Cottage

Oh goody, I'm so pleased you are here my friends!  I have so many photos to share from our trip to Devon and Dorset this past weekend.  I hope you don't mind if I bombard you with a load of photos.... I'm seriously out of control with the camera sometimes!  (linking up today with Show us What you Shot and A Rural Journal)

Down a pretty leafy lane in the rural Devon countryside
Sits a sweet little cottage

....which is the home of this beautiful American family.  We met through our blogs  awhile back (one of the reasons I love blogging so much - making so many lovely friends!)
They have been living in England for the past two years on a work assignment and are moving back to the States next month.  We are so pleased we got to spend some quality time with them before they go back home.

And as you can see, Tess was instant friends with this very loving family.

The boys had some quality time with Mario.

And they even made me a belated birthday cake!  Isn't that the sweetest?!

This loving family made us feel right at home in their beautiful cottage.

I'm totally obsessed with how cute this English cottage is.

Isn't it perfect?  Look at that pretty view to the green fields outside.

It's so secluded and peaceful here.

You can see right onto the River Exe from the garden.

Another really unique thing about this cottage is that it sits directly across the street from this 13th Century church.

and like all old churches in this country, it has it's own peaceful cemetery.

Here's a pretty view of the cottage and church. Apparently, a long time ago, this cottage is where the family lived who cared for the church grounds and dug the graves in the churchyard.  Cool!
There's even a castle just down the road from the cottage and church.

Our friends took us on one of their favorite walks.

We passed through green fields, along the train track, and right up to the River Exe.

Susan pointed out where the river empties into the ocean - the English Channel.

The kids collected shells and stones from the bank of the river.

Then we splashed in puddles all the way back home

I'm going to show some restraint and stop here for today.  I think I've bombarded you with enough photos for one day. Come back soon for photos of our snowy visit to the moors and the city of Exeter.


Selena said...

What a beautiful home. Looks like a cozy, magical weekend. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

YbsisKaren said...

You did a wonderful job of capturing a special visit. I love the patio funiture, the split pic of the young gal and the hats! Aren't blogs the best! Thnaks for sharing.

Herding Cats said...

Such a beautiful post. Amazing pictures! A 13th Centuary Church, a sexton's cottage, graveyard, river, open field. My dream place to live.

Such a lovely visit with your friends, they must have really enjoyed living there.

Kris said...

Herding Cats - that's what's it's called - a Saxton's cottage! Thank you! I was trying to look up what to call this cottage - rather than the old grave digger's cottage! Thanks for your comment.

Kris said...

Selena & Karen, thanks for your kind comments! xo

kate said...

So pretty, Kris! It just looks so ideal. And of course, your photos are lovely. I especially love the puddle jumping ones. :) And you know how much I love a good cemetery.

Tezzie said...

Oh, wow...what an idyllic place. I'm in love with that cottage...and, old cemetaries are so hauntingly beautiful and lovely to photograph.
Loved your Poetic Winter photo on Flickr...I don't have an account, so I thought I'd come by here to comment instead :D

Great Scott said...

Love these - never enough of your photos dear so please don't show restraint. Post more! Love the cottage photos, the kids, the tower in the distance framed by the tree branches and the church. Love so many of them...great job!!

May said...

The leafy lane looks dreamy and the countryside is absolutely awesome!! I cannot believe that winter in your part of the world is oh so green!! unlike ours which looks dead!!!

Karenne said...

I agree... don't show restraint!! I SO enjoy looking at your photos. Until I can get to England to visit, I "visit" every time you post photos along with your lovely narrative descriptions.

WhatHouse.co.uk said...

Can't beat splashing around in the mud in the UK!!!

barefoot mama said...

oh my goodness..it's so beautiful where you are. Love all of the photos you put in this post..simply lovely.

federica said...

Lovely places F.

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